The College of New Jersey

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IDS 55 – College Readiness

This one-week non-credit, course will provide rising 9-12 grade students with access to College staff and programming that will include: a workshop with admissions staff about highlighting community service and pre-college experiences during the college admissions process; assistance with writing a college application essay; exploration of career and college major options; participation in community service activities.


HIS 177 – 20th Century US

This two-week, credit-bearing course offers a concise overview of the United States in the 20th century.  As an introduction to modern U.S. history, it examines questions of race, inequality, and power that are central to understanding contemporary American society. With a special focus on Trenton, the course examines how local history reflects national trends. Bonner Summer Fellows will connect the past to the present in their field sites.

Professor: Rob McGreevey

SOC101 – Introduction to Sociology

This two-week, credit-bearing sociology course explores the intersection of biography and history.  Students learn the basic foundations of sociology, including its development as a field of inquiry, early sociological theory, and methodology.  The course also analyzes social organization, addressing culture, structure, socialization, and social control. Students investigate how culture, class, race, sex, family, medicine, business, religion, education, and government affect our lives.  Special attention is paid to the impact of society on self.  Bonner Summer Fellows will explore how sociological concepts can be applied in a field placement in Trenton.

Professor: Diane Bates