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Application Process

Is there financial aid available?

While we are attempting to identify private and corporate sponsors for qualified students with financial need, there is currently no financial aid for neither Summer Service Scholars nor College and Career Readiness.

For the Academy Series Environments and TeCHNJ there are a limited number scholarship opportunities for residents of Ewing Township, NJ and Trenton, NJ. Please contact us for details.

Consider researching private funding sources or those that might be available through another local entity or school PTO. We would encourage that students fully examine any organization to which you provide personal information.

How do I contact the program if I have questions during the application process?

For Summer Service Scholars & College and Career Readiness: It is best to email your application questions to Please put whichever program your question is regarding in the subject line.
For Academy Series:  Email any questions to: or call George at 609-771-2540.

When is the deadline to apply for the Summer Service Scholars, College and Career Readiness, or Academy Series offerings?

Summer Service Scholars & College and Career Readiness- June 20, 2019
Academy Series – June 3, 2019

I’m homeschooled; what should I do about recommendations?

We require a recommendation from a non-relative that assesses the student’s academic performance. If the only individuals involved in instruction are relatives, we accept recommendations for work done in a group situation, extra-curricular, or job setting that speak to a sense of effort, responsibility, teamwork, intellectual curiosity, or particular skills.

When will I be notified of the decision?

Decisions are made on a rolling basis. You should receive a decision within a month of the office receiving a completed application. You will be notified if parts of your application are missing.

How old do I have to be to participate in the program?

The Summer Service Scholars and College and Career Readiness are geared towards advanced high school students (rising juniors and seniors). However, exceptional rising sophomores will be considered and are encouraged to apply. A student must be at least 15 years of age to participate in our program.

The Academy Series is intended for rising 9, 10, and 11th grade students.

Can I apply for more than one program? For instance, can I attend the residential College and Career Readiness Program in July and then a residential credit-bearing course? Or, can I attend a credit bearing Summer Service Scholars course on July 7th and then a commuting non credit-bearing Academy Series course on July 8th?

Yes, as long as the course dates/times do not overlap, you may submit an application to attend more than one program.

I am applying from another country as an international student. What are the requirements regarding VISA status for me to attend any of these programs?

Before you begin to apply, you must first provide the tourist Visa information to both the Center for Global Engagement and to our office for verification of the Visa status.

If you are interested in applying to a credit based pre-college program, please note it is not an approved degree program for you to obtain credits by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and therefore you can only attend on a tourist Visa to audit the credit based program.

For non-credit pre-college programs, you would also come on a tourist Visa to attend.

For more information, please contact the Center for Global Engagement.

Is there a chance the program might be cancelled or rescheduled?

The College reserves the right to cancel a program or to change the schedule as needed. Please continue to check your email from for updates.


Do you accept payment plans?

Summer Service Scholars & College and Career Readiness: Yes, the payment will be in two installments- 1/2 payment by June 1st and balance due by June 15th. Tuition must be paid in full before the start of the program. After students are accepted, they will receive more information on how to pay their bill. Unfortunately, we cannot allow students to participate in the program if they have an outstanding balance.

The Academy Series: Yes, the payment will be in two installments- 1/2 payment by June 24th and balance due by July 1st.
Please contact George at or 609-771-2540

Is the cost of food included?

Yes for both programs

Can I receive college credit for the class I take?

The Summer Service Scholar courses are worth four college credits (equivalent to one TCNJ course unit). The Academy Series and College and Career Readiness are non-credit programs.

Is there a dress code?

No and Yes. No in the sense that students are not required to wear formal attire or uniforms to attend class. That said, we do expect students to be mindful of their appearance, and to dress appropriately for an academic setting. Similarly, if a student will be involved in community engaged learning, they will be expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate to the service venue.

What is the withdrawal policy?

A student can receive a full refund for the program if they withdraw before they attend the second day of class and/or their service site, whichever comes first. After that, there are no refunds.

Travel Information

I am flying to the area to attend the program. Do you provide any shuttle service to and from campus?

Arrangements can be made to and from the Trenton Train Station for a fee.

Should I bring my own computer?

You may bring your own computer, but it is not required.

For the Summer Service Scholars, College and Career Readiness, and Summer Pre College Academy residential options, may I move into the residence hall early?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any students in the residence hall before the program begins. Please plan to arrive on the day of your program’s opening.

I live far away, can I have things shipped for me to pick up when I arrive?

No. The Program Office does not accept packages on behalf of its students before their arrival.

Residential Life

Is there separation in the residence halls between the male and female students?

Students are typically housed with the different genders on separate halls.

May I be away from the residence hall overnight?

No. Program participants are expected to stay in residence for the whole experience.

Will you provide linens?

We typically do not provide sheets, towels, bedding, and the like for students. However, we can arrange rental of these items for students who are traveling a distance. A list of suggested items to bring will be included with your acceptance materials.

If I enroll as a resident, where will I live?

You will live in one of the residence hall on TCNJ’s campus.

Can I have visitors in my Residence Hall?

Only program participants and staff are allowed access to student halls and rooms. Immediate family members are permitted access to student rooms during move-in and move-out only.

My friend is attending the Program, too! Can we room together?

While we do not guarantee specific roommate requests, accepted students can request a specific roommate by mutual request.

Is there a curfew?

Yes, there is a strictly enforced curfew. Students must be present and signed in the residence hall by 10:00 PM. There are no curfew extensions except for program-led excursions.

Meal Plan

I’m a very picky eater. What kinds of food options are available?

Dining services provides a wide range of food options, including vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options. Please be sure to inform program staff in advance if you have dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Evening and Weekend Activities

What will I be able to do in the evening?

We work very hard to provide a multitude of activities each evening. These include film screenings, discussion groups and field trips. A calendar of events will be made available about a week before the start of each program.

How much spending money should I bring?

All of the basics are covered in the program fee. However, students may wish to purchase sundries from the college store or a keepsake from one of the recreational activities (such as a trip to a local minor league baseball game). The suggested amount of spending money is about $200.

Is there an ATM on campus/what banks are close to campus?

Yes. There is a Wells Fargo ATM located the Brower Student Center.

Campus Facilities

Will I have access to the TCNJ Library?

Yes. The library is open during the summer. Research and homework time will be scheduled throughout both programs.

Will I have access to a computer?

Yes. Students will have access to computer labs to complete their assignments.

Have a question that is not answered here? For Pre-College Summer Service Scholars relating to your application and deposit-related questions, please email us at; for program, schedule, and course-related questions please contact or For Pre-College Academies please email You can also join our mailing list to receive more information regarding our programs.